Spoon Carving Artistry & Craft Guided by Nature ”Have a Spooniful Day!”

Welcome to our spoon-carving website!

Woodworkers, Farther and Daughter team, Nick and Sophie started spoon carving to help improve their wellbeing and metal health, however, it has become more than just a pass time, its become obsessive! In good weather, we carve spoons in our back yard looking out over the the rolling fields of Norfolk. In the rain and snow, we retreat indoors, our wood chippings have spread around the whole house!

We believe in only using hand tools, no dusty, noisy workshop for us! The tools we use would be recognised by wood carvers 100’s of years ago; the simple axe, the draw-knife, the straight knife and the crook-knife. Our ethos is simple, we work with nature and with the natural fibres of the wood, including the knots! This means that all our spoons are different and have a personality all their own. 

Let us delight you by making a spoon for use every day in your kitchen or to eat your breakfast. Let us help you to reduce single-use plastic, why not keep your wooden spoon in your pocket so you can use it to eat your take-out meal at lunchtime?

Enjoy your spoon and have a spooniful day!