Spoon Carving Artistry & Craft Guided by Nature ”Have a Spooniful Day!”

A year of the Gosman Spoon Co.

Learn how the Gosman Spoon Co got started

Nick takes a trip down memory lane and recounts how and why he and his daughter, Sophie got started in spoon carving.

Permaculture article: Earth, Gaia & Fire

A treatise on connectedness in nature

Nick ponders the connectedness of All living things On our planet and makes a plea for us to reconsider our distinctive path.

Textural communication

Hand-made objects are a form of communication

Hand-made objects can be seen as a form of communication between the maker and the user that can transcend the ages.

Nature’s woodcarver

A woodpecker’s drumming reminds us of spring

On Hearing the drumming of a greater spotted woodpecker during a walk in the greenwood, Nick ponders the coming spring. 

COVID-19 lockdown: a time to reflect

The current pandemic forces us all to dig deep

Nick hales the heroS of the NHS and reflects that humanity has been here before many times and prevailed. 

Ancient tools, ancient skills

Tools have defined human culture for centuries

Those tools in your box are the product of centuries of refinement and skill. Nick reflects on their importance to our culture and why we need to look after them!

Of greats & grains

What woods are good for spoon-carving?

During a walk in the greenwood, Nick describes the qualities of his favourite tree species for wood carving.

Therapy = spoon-carving

The wellbeing aspects of spoon-carving

Creating objects is a way of  thinking with your hands and also a great way to improve your metal wellbeing.

One swallow does not a summer make

Seeing the first swallow of spring is magical

Seeing his first swallow of spring Triggers deep emotions for Nick and brings back memories of his father.

Larga vista festivals!

We all love a festival!

Its festival time again! In some counties, festivals are a way of life. Nick takes a looks at some of the zany goings on around the world.

A brave new world built with Ecobricks

A grassroots solution to a rising tide of plastic

Nick describes a simple, grassroots solution to the rising tide of plastic waste that threatens the survival of life on Earth.

Methuselahs in our midst

We need to protect our heritage of ancient yews

Nick eminds us that the UK is host to a precious heritage of ancient yew trees and highlights the many threats to their survival. 

Once in a blue moon

A rare lunar phenomenon evokes wonder and mystery

The stunning brightness of the moon on a walk in early April is both beautiful and puzzling. Whilst he struggles to find an explanation, Nick summarises the huge scientific and folkloric heritage associated with our mysterious celestial companion.