Our wooden spoons

Cooking spoons

Cedar cawl spoon

Let one of our wooden spoons become a faithful kitchen companion.



Try one of our rustic, hand carved, ladles for all your heavy-lifting

Eating spoons

Monogrammed oak eating spoon

Our eating spoons can become a friend to share your breakfast with

Measuring spoons

Oak Welsh measuring spoon

Ideal for measuring out your coffee and tea or adding ingredients to your cooking

Serving spoons

Plumwood serving ladle

A fancy wooden spoon for serving punch at your dinner party

Personalised spoons


We can monogram your hand carved spoon with your initials or decorate it with the design of your choice using our handy pyrography tools

Bespoke artistic spoons

Let us create the spoon of your dreams

Artistic and bespoke spoons

Working with you, we can create the type and design of hand carved wooden spoon that you want for you or as a gift

Hedgehog Spoons

Let’s help save the Hedgehog!

Hedgehog logo decorated spoons

We‘re selling specially decorated spoons in aid of the Hedgehog Preservation Society. £5 of the £10 selling price of each spoon will be donated to help save Hedgehogs which are becoming endangered in the UK.

New lines



We have created a multi-functional fork and spoon so you can remain totally sustainable when you’re out hiking and camping. Made of hardwood, our sporks won‘t melt or break like plastic ones do, and at £8 they don’t cost the earth! .

The MacD’s Spoon


Be part of a revolution and dump that single-use plastic! Modelled on the iconic plastic spoon beloved by fast-food outlets, the MacD’s spoon is small and discrete and can be carried in your pocket or purse to use when you buy a snack on the go while you’re out and about. MacD’s spoons are a cheap and cheerful £5 :-)