Spoon Carving Artistry & Craft Guided by Nature ”Have a Spooniful Day!”

What’s included

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Secluded back garden

Venue description

We are offering our home and gardens as a creative venue for wood carving (particularly spoon and bowl carving), life drawing and portraiture workshops. Our home, originally Fersfield village hall and primary school, has a large private back garden and off-road parking for up to three cars. Already used as a studio and venue for spoon carving workshops, the setting is on the edge of Fersfield, a sleepy village on the Norfolk-Suffolk border easily accessible from the A1066 Diss - Thetford road. The gardens contain mature trees and several out-buildings that are available for use including, a wood-fired Finnish sauna, spa (May-October) and Finnish cabin; there is also an outside composting toilet. The lawn also provides ample space to erect gazebos and a marquee if required. Situated in the garden, we have a caravan that has been converted for use as a cafe. It is equipped with electricity, running water, fridge, freezer, gas rings, two gas ovens and ample food preparation space. The caravan has safety tips to make it available to people with limited mobility. Inside the house there is a down stairs toilet with grab rails and a large front room with wooden flooring..

Our venue is available for hire by arrangement

Just  contact  us  via  email  or  make  a  booking  online  via  Craft  Courses  


 1. Can I bring my dog or other pets? Guide or help dogs are welcome, however, please leave other pets at home, sorry. 

2.  Are there hazards I should be aware of? Our workshop is in a sleepy village in rural Norfolk, however, there can be fast moving farm vehicles in our lane, we also have an ornamental pond in our garden.

3.  Is there parking available? There is space for 3 cars in our car park, other vehicles will need to be parked in the village lane.

4.  I  want  to  run  a  life  drawing  or  photography course,  is  the  garden  private?  The  back  garden  overlooks  fields  and  is  surrounded  by  trees  and  dense  shrubbery  and  is completely  screened.   

5.  Where  can  I  buy  tools?  You don’t need much  equipment to carve  spoons.  All  you  need  is  a  straight  knife,  a  curved knife  and  a  small axe.  We  recommend the  following:

Straight  carving knife:  Opinel  Carbone,  No.  07  available from  quality hardware  stores  is  a  very  sharp  and strong blade  for  the  price

Curved  knife  to  carve the bowl  of  the spoon:  we  recommend the Mora  163S  vailable  on Amazon

Hand  axe : a standard small  kindling  splitting axe  can  be  obtained from  any  quality harware store.  A  wooden haft is  better  than  plastic  or  resin  as  plastic can  get  sweaty  and slippery with  prolonged use.

Starter  kits  (straight  and  curved knives):  http://www.woodlandcraftsupplies.co.uk

Carving axe:  The blade of  a carving  axe  is honed  to  provide  the  best  cutting  tool  for  carving  and  the haft  is  optimally  balanced  to  reduce fatigue  during use.  For  quality  and price  for  the  beginner,  the  Robin  Wood  carving  axe  is hard  to beat:  https://wood-tools.co.uk/tools/the-robin-wood-axe